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How do I take immy?
Take one immy capsule daily. We recommend including it when you take your other supplements, probiotics, and/or medicine.
When will I feel something?
Every body is different, and many of the ‘benefits’ you are looking for may occur on different timelines.Some individuals feel their bodies adapting in two weeks' time, particularly in the area of digestive health. However, the full spectrum of benefits, such as improved immune system, may require more time to manifest. You might not “feel” different at all. This is completely normal. Consistent use ensures that the beneficial bacteria is actively maintaining and orchestrating your immune system from within.
Who should take immy?
immy is completely safe for anyone over the age of 6.
Are there any dietary restrictions while taking immy?
immy is free of the following ingredients: soy, gluten, and inflammatory oils. immy adheres to the following diets: Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Lactose-Free, Intermittent Fasting.
Can I take this with other supplements and my other medications?
immy is safe to take with any prescription or non-prescription product. There are no known drug interactions with immy and any over the counter drug or prescriptions, though we would always advise an educated conversation with your physician before introducing a new supplement into your routine.
Where is your product made?
Our product is manufactured in Tredegar, United Kingdom.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes - our packaging is 100% recyclable.
Can you take it while pregnant?
Before introducing any supplements, new vitamins, or in general any change in your routine, it is vital to have an informed conversation with your physician or obstetrician. immy has no negative effects on those who are pregnant or their infants and is safe to take whether in utero or breastfeeding.
Is your product organic, GMO-free? Gluten free?
immy is GMO-free and Gluten-free. Our capsule was designed thoughtfully to avoid the addition of unnecessary artificial sugars and sweetners.
Order Status & Shipping
I placed an order but noticed that I input the wrong shipping address? What can I do?
If you've entered the wrong shipping address after placing your order, don't worry! You can contact as soon as possible to request a correction. We’ll assist you in updating the shipping details to get your order straight to your door.
How long will it take for my immy to arrive?
Our shipping options are: Economy (5-8 Business Days, Free) Standard (3-4 Business days, $9.99), and Express (1-2 Business Days, $35).
Where do you ship?
At this time, we ship to the US (including Puerto Rico), UK, and Barbados.
Do you offer returns/exchanges?
Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of your first order. We'll refund the full cost of the product less shipping - no questions asked.
Subscription & Account
Subscription - What are the benefits? How is it different than a one-time purchase?
Consistency is key to seeing results while taking immy. We offer subscriptions, as we believe consistent intake is vital to fully experience health benefits. By choosing Subscribe & Save, you can easily include immy into your journey to whole body health benefits. In addition, we offer a $5 discount to each Subscribe & Save order.
How do I change or stop my subscription?
Go to the top right to "Your Account" and enter your login information. You will see a "Manage Subscription" button that allows you to make changes"
How do I set up my account?
When on, in the top right icon, select the profile icon. From there, select “Don't have an account? Sign up” and you will be prompted to create your account. You can always reach out to if you get stuck!