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Immune system support

Inflammation control

Stress and anxiety coping

Digestive Support

Mental Clarity

Whole-body benefits

Immune system support

Inflammation control

Stress and anxiety coping

Digestive Support

Mental Clarity

Whole-body benefits

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
417 Reviews

Miracle Capsule

"After the first week and a half I noticed a huge difference in how alert I was, and just my overall mood I was full of energy and always felt upbeat."

Mental Health
March ▪ 2024

Improved Immune Health

"I received my first 30 day supply right in the middle of winter cold/flu season and much to my surprise, have not been sick once since I started them!"

Immune Health
Emily Y.
February ▪ 2024

Get Them!!!!!

"Being a mom of 2 under 2, sleepless nights, and stress are something I know all too well. With immy stressful situations are easier to deal with and I don’t always feel stuck in fight or flight."

Stress Coping
Shay M.
November ▪ 2023

No Joint Pain

"In the past, when I have walked trails, or just a fast-paced walk, my knee would bother me after. It hasn't bothered me since taking this pill."

Inflammation Control
November ▪ 2023

Transformed My IVF Symptoms

"Anxiety, trouble sleeping and tons of digestion issues. Within ONE DAY of taking immy (approved by my doctor and pregnancy safe!) my system transformed for the better."

Gut Health
March ▪ 2024

Amazing Little Capsule

"I have been taking immy for 18 days now and my digestion is restored and my regularity is back as it should be. What a blessing this pill has been to my health!"

Gut Health
Michael B.
February ▪ 2024

Sleeping Through the Night

"I have been struggling with stress for a while but this product helped a lot, I sleep well through the night, and I feel happier!"

Restful Sleep
Hope T.
November ▪ 2023

Exactly What I Needed

"I have Fibromyalgia & always struggle being healthy. Gut health is so important! This tiny, squishy pill has helped me become regular, which is something I've never been!"

Gut Health
Kelsey G.
November ▪ 2023

Game Changer

"I've noticed I'm more motivated, energized and overall happier. 10/10 recommend, they're all natural, how could it get any better ?"

Mental Health
Michael V.
November ▪ 2023

Meet immy

Modern Immune Systems Need Ancient Help

What is immy?

immy is a daily supplement that introduces healthy bacteria (M. aurum Aogashima) back into your gut microbiome.

How Does immy Work?

immy's active ingredient (M. aurum Aogashima) interacts with immune cells in the gut and acts as a conductor for our complex immune systems.

Why Does immy Work?

The benefit of an improved immune system and reduced inflammation have been proven to have a positive effect on improving your body’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Mycolicibacterium aurum Aogashima 

Sale price$39.99

30-ct Pouch

immy contains an all-natural clinically and scientifically studied strain of Mycolicibacterium aurum Aogashima (M.aurum) that works as an orchestrator of the body's immune system. It supports reduction of chronic inflammation, increasing the body's stress resilience and coping abilities.

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Immune Health ∙ Stress Resilience ∙ Inflammation Control

How to take

Once daily with or without food

Contains no

Soy ∙ Gluten ∙ Inflammatory oils

Made from

See Ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Mycolicibacterium aurum Aogashima (M. aurum), vegetarian capsule (containing carrageenan, glycerol, modified corn starch)
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Stronger Stress Resilience

Supports the Gut Microbiome

All-natural Supplement

immy Sale price$39.99

immy in a nutshell with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Charles Akle

Dr. Charles Akle